BAM Trading Services (BAM) Announces The Appointment Of Catherine Coley As CEO

Catherine Coley joined Ripple (major cryptocurrency firm backing XRP) in 2017, where she served as Head of XRP Institutional Liquidity before she was appointed as the CEO of BAM.

Coley is a veteran in both global capital and cryptocurrency markets, with expertise in forex and five years working at Morgan Stanley (financial services company) as well as one-year managing international payments and global treasury for start – ups at Silicon Valley bank.

BAM trading services partnered with Binance (largest crypto exchange) and will serve as the operator of Binance, US (U.S based digital asset marketplace).  Catherine Coley appointment as the CEO of BAM was officially announced on the 2nd of July.

“I am honored to lead BAM and bring Binance.US to North America,” said Catherine Coley.

“This is just the beginning of a long journey ahead, and I look forward to working with Binance as a partner to unlock more potential for the blockchain ecosystem here in the U.S.”

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