Bitcoin Payments Now Possible in Opera Browser

The opera web browser now allows payments with Bitcoin inside the browser, the company announced the news of the browsers new feature in a press release on the 21st of October.

The browser is accompanied by a built-in crypto wallet that allows its user to add a Bitcoin and TRON (TRX) card, the wallet feature was added to its users could monitor their crypto funds. Opera’s 350 million users are now able to receive and send Bitcoin as well as make purchases using cryptocurrencies on e-commerce websites.

The head of the crypto at Opera, Charles Hamel, spoke on Opera’s new cryptocurrency feature saying that the company believes adding Blockchain and Bitcoin features is the next “logical” step to making the Opera web browser more relevant to a cryptocurrency user. Opera has presented new developments in recent months related to Web 3.

The term “Web 3” is used to refer to the evolution of the web with high-quality content and the integration of Blockchain technology, digital currencies, and decentralized computing.

Opera’s crypto features were previously released in a beta version of its browser, the firm released Opera Touch, an IOS version of its mobile web browser which supports Ethereum protocol, Ethereum Web 3 apps and a Web 3 explorer that enable its users to interact with Web 3 and conduct transactions.

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