Bitfarms Expands Its Mining Operations Despite Complaints From Local Residents 

Hey ninjas, how’s the trading going? Bitfarm is reportedly proceeding with the expansion of its mining operation despite the complaints of the residents of Sherbrooke, Quebec. 

According to a news report from local news outlet CityNews on the 20th of November, residents residing near the firms mining operation have been complaining about the sound and vibrations created by Bitfarms operations. 

Executives of the firm assured the near-by residents that the noise problems will be remedied with a 23-meter wall around its mining farm, however, residents are not convinced.

It was noted by a resident living across the river from Bitfarms mining farm that even though the residents have been complaining about the noise the company has only expanded its mining operations, he further stated that the residents want all operations halted till the noise issues are solved. 

Bitfarm made a deal with with the city of Sherbrooke to pay annually the sum of 3 million Canadian dollars for its electricity use, the facility reportedly manages five mining operations to take advantage of cheap local hydropower.

The city counselor Marc Denault spoke on the matter saying that if the city knew that allowing Bitfarm mining operations would cause such problems it would have not allowed it. He also noted that an expansion in Bitfarms mining will not increase the noise generated by its cooling fans and the company intends to remedy the noise by building a wall outside.   

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