Bitmain CEO Shares Believes On Bitcoin Halving 

The co-founder and CEO of Bitmain Jihan Wu shared his beliefs on Bitcoin halving during the World Digital Mining Summit in Frankfurt. According to a news report published on the 11th of October by the Chinese news outlet, 8BTC’s Jihan Wu believes that the halving of the next Bitcoin block reward may not lead to a bull market, but he believes the price will keep growing. 

The CEO explained that the crypto market is full of uncertainties, however, this is a “good time” to mine crypto. He added that if he were a crypto-miner he would not stop mining but would continue to invest in mining equipment. He further explained that the crypto market moves in a circle and the next bullish phase of the crypto market might not begin after halving. 

Wu promised that the mass production of Bitmain’s five-nanometer mining application-specific integrated circuits will begin early 2020, also he stated that the company has set up repair centers and is expected to reduce repair time to three days by the end of the year.

He confirmed the launch of Bitmain’s World Digital Mining Map, this service aims to connect mining farm owners with mining hardware owners, and its mining training service the Ant training Academy. 

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