Bitwise’s Appoints BNY Mellon to Act as Transfer Agent for Proposed Bitcoin ETF

Bitwise filed a proposed rule change in January 2019 to the Securities Act of 1933 to list its Bitcoin ETF on NYSE Arca.

However, since then the ETF has received multiple delays form regulators, who are concerned about the potential for manipulation in cryptocurrency markets and its effect on Bitcoin ETF. Recently the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) delayed its decision on the Bitwise ETF to the 13th of October.

Though there have been multiple delays in SEC final decision, the CEO of Bitwise Hunter Horsley has remained confident about its eventual listing.

In an interview in August, Horsley stated that the SEC has been open with their concerns about Bitcoin ETF, including proof of custody. 

Bitwise made some changes to the S-1 form submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Sept. 11, the changes include listing Foreside Fund Services (Boston-based legal firm) as its marketing agent and Cohen & Company as an auditor.

The Bank of New York has also been appointed to serve as a transfer agent to Bitcoin ETF. 

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