BTC and Gemini Exchange used to Siphon money by Nigerian Scammers

Hey ninja’s, how’s the trading going? On the day, the crypto-market is trading
sideways with the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin reporting daily gains of 1% and is
trading at $9,240 at press time.

According to an FBI criminal complaint, Nigerian scammers made use of the
Gemini exchange to convert millions of dollars into Bitcoin. Two Nigerian
scammers popularly known for filling their Instagram accounts with pictures of
their ostentatious wealth have been extradited from Dubai to the United States.
The report revealed that Olalekan Jacob Ponle also knows as Mr Woodbery and
Mark Kain and Ramon Olorunwa Abbas also known as Ray Hushpuppi and Hush
were able to convert million of stolen dollars into Bitcoin via Gemini exchange.

Along with his accomplices, Olalekan Jacob Ponle was involved in a scheme
known as business email compromise or BEC. Fraudsters somehow gain access to
a legitimate business email account this is then used to deceive the company’s
employees into transferring company funds to a bank account owned by the

The FBI criminal complaint claims that Ponle and his accomplices were
able to fool American companies into transferring tens of millions of dollars and
converted $6.5 million into 1500 BTC.

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