C-Lightning Gets an Upgrade

Hey ninjas, how’s the trading going? I guess you are winning.

Its good to know that the general partner at BlockChain Capital (venture capital firm) Spencer Bogart, shared his views on Bitcoin in an interview with Bloomberg on the 20th of August. In the interview he stated that he believes BTC will “absolutely be a safe haven” in the long term with the risks of monetary devaluation, but does not believe BTC would perform well in terms of price in the event of a severe economic crisis. 

Blockchain researcher at Blockstream Christian Decker announced on Twitter, the release of C-lighting scalability software version 0.7.2. The lightening network allows its users to temporarily create channels for transactions, this network allows faster transactions and at low cost. C-lightening is written in C (programming language) and has three major developers:  ACINQ, Lightning Labs and Blockstream. According to the Christian Decker Twitter post, C-lightening software version 0.7.2 includes “dynamic plugin management, support for the upcoming signet” as well as other performance improvements and bug fixes. 


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