Chainzilla and Pundi X To Launch Bitcoin Payment System in Panama

Hey ninjas, how’s the trading going? Good, I hope. The largest and most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is reporting losses in the last 24 hours. Though Bitcoin is still trading above $10,000 dollars BTC is down 1.5%. BTC achieved its highest point yesterday trading at $10,431. 

Cryptocurrency startup Pundi X announced that it will soon be launching its point-of-sale payment gateway (XPOS) in Panama and regions around Panama, Chainzilla (Blockchain development company) has reportedly partnered with Pundi X to assume the role of a local distributor. Chainzilla will also be lauching tools to enable users to convert Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies into local currencies.

The new payment system will allow sellers process crypto payments, Visa and Master card payments all in one device. 

The new processors will reportedly arrive in Panama in the next two weeks and will be displayed by Chainzilla at the Resolve Summit for Entreprenuers, Chainzilla will also be offering the first Blockchain course in the country. 

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