Chinese Crypto Mining Firm Operations Halted Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Chinese crypto mining firm operations halted due to coronavirus outbreak
Hey ninjas, how’s the trading going? The crypto market is trading sideways at press time with the largest cryptocurrency bitcoin reporting 1.38% gains in the last 24 hours and is trading at $9,797 at press time.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, the Chinese government had put in place a series of measurements in order to control the situation. Though these measurements were put in place for the benefit of the nation and its people, businesses in China are being affected as they are no longer able to go to work because of the existing quarantine control.

Specifically, a mining farm Is being forced to shut down because of the epidemic. According to a Weibo post by the firm CEO Jiang Zhuoer on the 4th of February, the firm was ordered to shut down all of its mining machines in one of its mining farms located in a remote region of China. The post also explains that they were told not to return to work, in the post he also claimed that none of the maintenance staff has ever left the area before the quarantine control period.

In other crypto-related news from China, bitcoin mining machine manufactures are delaying their after-sale services because of the coronavirus. The world's largest crypto mining chip manufacturer Bitmain along with major Chinese crypto mining chip manufacturer Canaan creative and MicroBT announced on their official site that their after-sale services will be delayed till the 10th of February.

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