Colombia Reports Most Ransomware Cases

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According to a report released on the 28th of May by the Police of Colombia, there is a rising trend in ransomware attacks in the country of Columbia. The report shows that 30% of ransomware attacks in Latin America specifically targeted Columbia. 

The report was made in alliance with Claro, McAfee, Microsoft, Absolute, Fortinet, and Cisco explains that the ransomware attacks in Columbia are underestimated. Following Columbia in quantity or attacks is Peru (16%), Mexico (14%), Brazil (11%), and Argentina (9%). The report revealed that SMEs are preferred targets for cybercriminals. The report also shows that 83% of companies in the country lack the proper response protocol required to handle such breaches of information security protocols. 

The report revealed that the most common means used by cybercriminals to acquire victims is to send out massive phishing emails. The most commonly used ransomware is the lock screen ransomware, this prevents its victims from being able to access the home screen by locking them out. This software is able to avoid the protection of antivirus and firewalls.

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