Craig Wright Allegedly presented Forged Documents to Prove Innocence in Kleiman case

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In the month of February 2018, a case was filed against Craig Wright accusing him of stealing Bitcoin worth over 5 billion at press time from the estate of Dave Kleiman, a late cybersecurity expert who is believed as one of the first developers behind bitcoin and blockchain technology. Craig Wright is accused of falsifying documents and forging the signature of Kleiman to transfer his assets.

On the 3rd of July, the trial lawyer Stephen Pally revealed on Twitter that the documents presented by Wright to the court in order to prove his innocence was fabricated.

The deed of trust document presented by Wright to prove cooperation between him and the late Kleiman was dated Oct. 23, 2012, the metadata of the file shows that the document was actually created after the death of Kleiman. Stephen Palley found that the trust document actually uses 2015 copyrights related to Calibri (Microsoft word font), this indicates that the document could not have been created in 2012.

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