Craig Wright Lying Under Oath

Hey Ninja’s, how’s the trading going? The legal team of Ira Kleiman, brother to the late David Kleman made claims that Craig Wright lied about his inability to access the encrypted file at the heart of this. Ira Kleiman's legal team revealed that $1.6 million (820,000 in Bitcoin) had been moved from the account and claimed that this is proof that Wright indeed has access to the file. 

Craig Wright is being sued by the Kleiman estate over Bitcoins he allegedly mined when he was in a partnership with the late David Kleiman, Wright claims there was no partnership and he has no access to the funds. 

Ira Kleiman’s legal team filed documents on the 21st of May alleging that Craig Wright can open the encrypted file but will not, because in opening it he would reveal evidence of his partnership and its Bitcoin holding’s. 

Kleiman’s legal team submitted Wrights public threats to tank the Bitcoin market, which is only attainable by someone who has a large amount of Bitcoin and reported the amount withdrawn as proof of Craig Wrights' access. The legal team also cited that this is the fourth time Craig Wright has lied under oath.

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