Craig Wright States That He Does Not Have Access to Bitcoin Fortune

The Australian scientist, and self – proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto stated at a federal court hearing in West Palm Beach, Florida, that he will not be able to produce a list of all his early Bitcoin addresses as ordered by the court.

Dave Kleiman is a late cybersecurity expert, who is reportedly believed as one of the first developers behind bitcoin and blockchain technology. The case was filed against Wright in February 2018 with claims that Craig Wright stole bitcoin worth over $ 5 billion after the death of Kleiman. Wright is accused of forging documents as well as the signature of Kleiman to transfer his assets to Craig and/or companies controlled by him.    

At the hearing Craig Wright stated he is the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, he claimed he decided to stop working on bitcoin in 2010 due to the increased use of bitcoin to trade drugs and child pornography, and he hired Kleiman who was a forensic expert to cover his tracks.

“I brought in Dave because he was a friend, and he knew who I was and, he was a forensic expert, and I wanted to wipe everything I had to do with Bitcoin from the public record,” 

He gave reasons as to why he will not be able to provide a list of his early bitcoin addresses, he stated that he handed a key piece of information to kleiman before his death in 2013 and because of that it would be hard to track down the digital wallets holding the bitcoin.

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