Craig Wright Will Go to Trial on The 6th of July

Hey ninja’s, how’s the trading going? It appears that the case which has been a major conversation in the crypto community for some years now will finally go to trial. Lawyers representing both Craig Wright and the estate of the late David Kleiman have confirmed that they expect the trial to begin on the 6th of July.

On the first of May, the presiding judge, judge Bloom issued a court order for the trial to begin on the 6th of July and the lawyers of both parties have confirmed that they have no intention of filing motions that could delay the scheduled date of the trial and are both eager to prove their case in court.

Craig Wright’s attorney, Andres Rivero, stated that his client has always intended to make clear the truth and claimed to have opposed all delays from the plaintiffs. Rivero also claimed that Kleiman was a dear friend of Craig Wright but this in no way entitles him to 50% of Wright’s bitcoin. Rivero’s claims were referred to as “absurd” by Velvel Freedman of Roche Cyrulnik Freedman LLP.

Explaining that Wright’s “antics and conduct” have been the reason for the delays and wasted time as found by judge Bloom on the 10th of January, noting that the plaintiffs are looking forward to the trail.

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