Crypto Wallet Provider BRD Partners with Wyre

Good day Ninja’s, it’s a good day indeed, especially if your crypto trader in the United States. BRD has partnered with Wyre to enable Crypto users in the U.S purchase cryptocurrencies using bank transfers.

In a press release on the 13th of June, BRD announced a partnership with wyre (Blockchain payments and infrastructure firm), the result of the partnership is U.S based crypto users can now purchase Cryptocurrencies using bank transfers. U.S customers are now able to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and dai (DAI) by directly linking their BRD wallet to their bank account. The new service is supported by 1,700 U.S. banks, and purchases are completed within five minutes.

BRD’s chief of strategy officer and co-founder, Aaron Lasher said in a statement that the new service goal is to ensure that the blockchain sector remains decentralized and inclusive.

According to the press release, BRD, founded in 2015 has 2 million customers and is in 170 countries, the firm claimed that in first 4 months of 2019 they have doubled the number of transactions and the number of users exchanging assets. The firm is estimated to have 6 billion worth of Crypto assets under its protection.

Blockchain’s payments and infrastructure firm Wyre has reportedly completed over 1 billion in commercial FX payments and traded over $3.5 billion in crypto assets.    

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