Dusk Foundation in Collaboration with Kryha to develop the first blockchain project in Europe that bridges the gap between decentralized privacy and transparency

Hey Ninjas, you can agree with me with the famous saying that ‘‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’’. There’s been tremendous growth in the crypto world, as a result of the various partnership between companies. Soon, Altninjas will be collaborating with top firms to imbibe that winning spirit in you as part of your daily routine.

The Blockchain Technology which is based on the Bitcoin and Ethereum systems has been utilized to make a considerable measure of new advancements in a significant number of which has changed the ways businesses transact on a daily basis. From the I-Chain which has altered the Insurance industry to Smart contracts which is the kind existing apart from everything else in the legal world at this moment, the effects of the Blockchain innovation is being felt and would continuously be handled in the closest future.

Even though Blockchain innovation is breaking new grounds and warming its routes into the hearts of individuals, there are as yet a couple of territories where there could be upgrades. If these changes come of course, at that point, we could expect significantly more pivotal endeavours from the blockchain technology sooner rather than later. A portion of these changes which are standard incorporate adaptability, security issues, decentralization issues, and so on.

In an offer to curb one of the relevant issues that draw the blockchain innovation back in Europe, two great associations framed a consortium in Amsterdam, Netherlands in August 2018 to handle protection issues in blockchain technology. The two firms are:

  • Dusk Foundation: This is non-profit blockchain research and also the leading firm in and facilitator of the European consortium working towards creating and actualizing the Dusk network technology. The firm provides clients with a stage that encourages flexibility utilizing a blockchain technology while focusing on digital privacy.
  • Kryha: This is a project and management organization in charge of creating blockchain based products. Kryha has partnered with firms with regards to creating blockchain items and are knowledgeable about accommodating the holes amongst blockchain and their request with the directions centred on transparency.

Undoubtedly, the partnership between these European superpowers in the blockchain technology would bear the desired fruits and help in finally putting to bed the issue of privacy in the blockchain industry.

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