English Football Club Falls Victim To Ransomware Attack

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According to a report released on the 23 of July by the UK National Cyber Security Centre, reveals a growing trend in ransomware attacks targeting the sports sector. The report cited a recent attack targeting an English Football league club or EFL, demanding that a ransom be paid in BTC.

Though the club remains unnamed, the Cyber Threat to sports paper revealed that the club was attacked using ransomware and it’s a corporate security system has been crippled. The attackers demanded a sum of 400 BTC ($3.6 million) be paid but was denied by the club. Due to the club's refusal to pay the ransom, it’s stored data was lost.

The study indicated that the attack caused significant damages to the club. The club was reportedly unable to access its corporate emails, the attack also left the stadiums CCTV system and turnstiles non-operational.

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