Grayscale announces Bitcoin holdings make up $1.9B of $2.1B assets under management

Earlier in May, Grayscale investments reported a growth of 42% in its product inflows in Q1 2019 over the previous quarter.  

On the 28th of May, American digital asset manager Grayscale tweeted that out of the firms $2.1 billion of assets under management, $1.97 billion resides in its Bitcoin investment trust.

According to Grayscale, Bitcoin, trust makes up for nearly 94% of the firm’s total assets under management. Grayscale also noted that its Bitcoin cash (BCH) trust is worth $6.7 million and its ether (ETH) trust is worth $13 million, while XRP trust is worth $5.7 million.

Grayscale second – largest trust Ethereum classic (ETC) is worth $41.3 million, and the only trust dedicated to privacy –the centric coin is devoted to Zcash (ZEC) and is worth $11.3 million.

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