Head of Calibra Says Libra Is Different from Bitcoin 

Hey ninjas, how’s the trading going? The crypto market has been struggling since June and now once again Bitcoin has dipped below $8,000. Bitcoin is trading at $7,971 at press time and is reporting 2.31% losses in the last 24 hours.

The majority of the top cryptocurrencies are reporting losses in the last 24 hours, at press time Ethereum is down 2.95%, XRP is down 1.67%, EOS is down 1.79%, BCH is down 3.3% and LTC is down 5.24%. 

On the 16th of October, David Marcus, the head of Facebook’s cryptocurrency wallet Calibra said in an interview with Squawk Box that he is a longtime fan of Bitcoin but it is completely different from Libra.

He stated that he has been a fan of Bitcoin since 2012 and considers it to be digital gold. He was interviewed by Squawk Box co-host Joe Kernen and was asked if he owned any Bitcoin he did not reply directly only stated that he was a big fan of Bitcoin. 

David Marcus emphasized on what Facebook is trying to do, he stated that the Libra project aims to create a non-volatile and scalable cryptocurrency rather than just providing services for Bitcoin which he considers highly volatile, adding that if there was a scalable version of Bitcoin that version would be embedded into the Calibra wallet and “life would be so much easier” for him. 

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