In just a Month Bitcoin Open Interests Increases By 50%

Hey ninja’s, how’s the trading going? On the day, the top cryptocurrencies are reporting daily gains with the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin reporting daily gains of 1% at press time and are trading at $9,878.

In just a few weeks after Bitcoins options reached a new level, hitting a record high of $1 billion, new data shows that Bitcoin's open interest has increased 50% to break $1.5 billion. According to data released by market analysis company Skew, on the 10th of June via Twitter, Bitcoin's open interest reached $1 billion on the 7th of May for the first time and increased 50% in just 33 days after reaching $1 billion. In just 33 days after hitting $1 billion, Bitcoins open interest Hit $1.5 billion on the 9th of June. 

Deribit is reporting the largest gains so far, recording a sum of $1.1 billion in open interest. Deribit recorded an increment of 20% in just one month, going from $903 million to $1.1 billion at press time. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has also seen a significant increase in its Bitcoin options open interest, on the 7th of May it stood at $38 million, but is at $368 million at press time.

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