Man Arrested by Brazilian Police for Money Laundering With Bitcoin

The police force of Brazil has arrested a man for running a secret drug laboratory and using Cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC) to launder proceeds. A secret mining laboratory was discovered when a suspected drug trafficker was being chased down by the State Department of Drug Trafficking (DENRAC) on April 23. The report stated that the discovery is “something considered unusual in Rio Grande do sul.”  

Law enforcement discovered 25 digital currency mining machines, which ran for 24 hours a day, hardware and “sophisticated software was also discovered, with an estimated value of more than 250,000 reals ($63,000).

The police reported the person who claimed to be responsible for the equipment argued that “he rented the space and was mining bitcoin-which is not abnormal.” He was also reportedly fined for illegal use of electric power in the house.

A group of individuals was charged by the Manhattan district attorney for money laundering with bitcoin and also selling drugs earlier. This was carried out via the dark web to sell and ship “hundreds of thousands” of counterfeit drugs in tablets.

Alleged cybercriminals recently convicted by the United States federal jury for spreading malware to steal credit card credentials and illicitly mine cryptocurrency.

Over 100,000 AOL email registered on the infected computers were used to spread the malware further with millions of emails sent to stolen addresses.

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