Manager of Houston Rockets Daryl Morey Acquires more Bitcoins

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According to a court case member in the case of the late David Kleiman estate versus Craig Wright the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, Judge Bruce Reinhart reportedly rejected Craig Wright testimony stating that he “perjured” himself when he provided the court with illegitimate documents and recommended that 50% of the 1 million Bitcoin mined by Kleiman and wright as well as intellectual property and software be handed over.

The general manager of the Houston rockets basketball team Daryl Morey sent out a tweet on the 23rd of August saying “I just bought more” in response to a tweet by Anthony Pompliano the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, in the tweet Pompliano stated that Bitcoin allows its investors to “opt-out” of global market chaos.  

Researchers like Nicholas Colas the co-founder DataTrek research firm have indeed stated that Bitcoin could serve as a geopolitical turmoil indicator and is a “safe haven”.  Pompliano also wrote that Daryl Morey should be added to the list of celebrities who support Bitcoin.

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