MR Dark Indicted With Help from Blockchain Analysis

Hey ninja’s, how’s the trading going? The infamous Mr. Dark has been indicted for allegedly hosting child pornography and rape videos. The 32 years old Dutch national named, Michael Rahim Mohammed has been charged with distribution of child pornography, transportation, and distribution of obscene matters and laundering of monetary instruments. 

He was allegedly operating the website Dark Scandals on both the darknet and normal web since 2012 and reportedly made $1.6 million from the website. Users of the site could use Bitcoin or Ethereum to pay for the illegal content and it would be sent to their email in email packs for download. Users could also upload their content but the site rules insisted that the uploaded content be real/forced and prohibited acted out videos. 

The site received a total of 1650 cryptocurrencies, including 188 Bitcoin and 26.7 Ether. Though cryptocurrencies aided Mohammed in receiving funds, the details of the crimes were also recorded on the blockchain and was used by law enforcement to track the Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts that transferred funds to the site using the Chainalysis tracing software. 

The site has been brought down after the launch of an investigation involving US investigators, the German Federal Criminal Police, Europol, and the Dutch National Police.

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