Nearly 40 Percent of 4,200 Respondents Would Invest in Crypto - Chinese Survey

Hi Ninjas… We are approaching a new year and there has been some positives about cryptocurrencies.


We want to let you know that a local Chinese crypto news outlet called 8btc reports that a Chinese survey of 4,200 respondents which was conducted by PANews has shown that about 40 percent of people are ready to invest massively on cryptocurrencies in the near future.

According to the answers gathered during the crypto-related survey, about half of all the respondents had heard of the following terms: cryptocurrency, digital currency or Bitcoin (BTC) in one way or the other.

The survey also showed that about 63 percent of the respondents believe that using crypto as a means of payment is not required. Also it was gathered from the reports that only 22.2 percent of the surveyed individuals were aware of the concept of blockchain-powered tokens.

The Chinese government recently released its latest ranking of cryptocurrencies, which places Bitcoin in 18th place and EOS at the top. The second place is held by the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum (ETH).

Also, a more recent survey conducted by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom) revealed that over-one third of big German businesses consider blockchain as revolutionary as the internet.

Do you think these will have any positive impact on cryptocurrencies? Let’s hear you out.

Happy new year in Advance…

Start Winning!

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