Pompliano Believes the People Will Choose a Currency That Cannot be controlled by The Government 

Hey ninjas, how’s the trading going? Founder, CEO and chief investment officer of Morgan Creek capital Mark Yusko in an interview with CNBC compared Bitcoin to Amazon stock. He further stated that all indicators of the network are rising as well as the value of the network. 

On the 27th of September, Anthony Pompliano the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital reportedly believes that there will be no competition non-digital and digital currencies in the future but between monetary policies, he shared his thoughts on CNBC Squawk Box. He believes the people will always choose a currency that is not controlled by the government.   

Anthony Pompliano was questioned on how Bitcoin would remain valuable once the US dollar, as well as other fiat currencies, become digital. The answered by saying that if he were the US government the US dollar would already be digital, he noted that China is already working on creating a digital Yuan currency and other countries will surely do the same. 

He also said that all forms of money would eventually be digital. He stated that he believed that people will choose a currency that cannot be manipulated or controlled by the government.

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