pTokens develops JavaScript Library for Liquid Network

Hey ninja’s, how’s the trading going? Top crypto’s reporting losses at press time with Bitcoin trading at $9,251 and reporting daily losses of 2.08%. Top altcoins Etherum and XRP are also reporting losses in the last 24 hours. Ether and XRP are down 2.68% and 2.54% respectively.

Blockstream's Liquid network now features its own JavaScript library, developed by pTokens. The JavaScript library will allow developers to easily interact with the blockchain as well as possibly build a complete ecosystem around the Liquid Network.
The Liquid Network’s new JavaScript library was officially announced by pTokens and is called LiquidjS. The liquid is an open-source library that allows easier access to the Liquid Network for external applications without the need for setting up dedicated nodes.

The founder of pTokens, Thomas Beltane, explained that JavaScript is among the top popular programming languages used by virtually all web applications in some form. Bertani described LiquidjS as the equivalent of Ethereum’s web3.js library. Bertani also explained that LiquidjS allows for a wide range of uses, including easy integration with wallets, it could also be used with DApps - financial tools, swaps, private transactions, etc.

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