South African Hackers Demand Ransom in Bitcoin

Hey ninjas, how’s the trading going? Bitcoin is once again trading above $8,000 at press time. The largest crypto is reporting major gains on the day, BTC is up 15.88% and is trading at $8,636.

The crypto market is reporting an upward trend as the majority of the cryptocurrencies are reporting moderate gains, top altcoin Ether is up over 12% and trading at $181, XRP is up 6.4% and is trading at $0.29 at press time. 

The website of the city of Johannesburg has breached by hackers, an official announcement was made on the cities official twitter account on the 25th of October, explaining that a network breach was detected and its information systems have been compromised.

As a result of the hack the site has been rendered unusable, customer-facing systems such as user interfaces and help desks have been frozen. 

eNCA, a local news outlet reported that the Hackers called themselves Shadow kill Hackers and are demanding a ransom worth 4 Bitcoin, explaining that if the ransom is paid on time all stolen data will be destroyed and a full report on how the system was hacked will be sent to the sites IT team. 

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