The Amazing World of Crypto Keeps Getting More Amazing


Ninjas how have you been? As you have probably heard, BTC/USD paring finally broke $6000 ! What an amazing sight. Are you fearful? Hopefully not. If you are not aware how powerful the crypto economy is setting up to take over the world like a giant GREEN candle of hope then you must be looking at the wrong information!



Facebook alters user policy to allow advertisements for cryptocurrencies.

It was bound to happen. Some of us saw this coming, know that a network as large and powerful as Facebook can not afford to loose this opportunity to get upon the block chain train. With all strategy in mind they have no doubt been meeting behind closed doors discussing their opportunities and options with crypto.


The temporary advertisement ban was simply mitigation, triage, during a recent period when facebook was suffering ample public scrutiny. However it bought them time...

Think about this: a network gathers much of it's of power based on the information that is allowed within that network- a no brainier statement... yet it helps to remind us how a group of people's attention can be shaped by controlling their information source.

Facebook now has the ability to influence it's network with crypto economy ads. Many of it's users are going to be subject to the lure of crypto now and Facebook knows this. Do not expect for them to not have a plan! Be ready to see some amazing announcements over the next year and a half that will make you so glad that you didn't FUD out and drop your bags into the arms of a whale.


Watch and observe the effects of the Facebook Crypto news!

BTC market cap gained 1% since the news, and while not directly traceable to the news we can assume that when BTC is gaining market cap that often there is fiat being injected into the crypto economy.


Thinking of which are you currently getting rekt by big accounts buying up tons of crypto in such a way that the price is not increasing? Are you aware that the market is being played to keep the price down and the big accounts are loading up! You didn't think that the introduction of "big money" into the crypto economy would be one giant green candle did you?

No... the candle appears once everyone realizes how strong the new holders are in the next cycle.

This is War. Don't get shaken out!
Trade smart, hold smart.
Have a strategy.

Facebook's entire network is about to get flooded with money as advertisers start to buy space on one of the juiciest social media advertising networks on the net.

And we haven't even gotten into the rumor about Facebook potentially buying Coinbase !!

Start winning!

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