Tron's Founder Justin Sun Appears in San Francisco and Not China As Published

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Justin Sun, 28 years old CEO and founder of the Tron foundation has been the main topic of discussion in the crypto-verse for the last 24 hours. It all began earlier this year when Sun $4.6 million in a charity auction which he won, and his prize was lunch with Warren Buffett. Buffett an American billionaire, nicknamed the Oracle of Ohama” is also one of the biggest critics of cryptocurrencies, Buffet once called Bitcoin “rat poison squared” as well as other unflattering remarks.

On Monday, the CEO of Tron had reportedly assembled a handle full of people to join him with Buffett, the lineup included Litecoins creator Charlie Lee, Huobi’s Chris Lee, Circle’s Jeremy Allaire, and eToro’s Yoni Assia. The subjects they intended to discuss with the oracle of ohama were not disclosed to the public, but Sun managed to persuade Buffett to mover the charity lunch from New York its traditional location to the Bay Area.

Tragedy struck on the same day (Monday) as the Tron Foundation announced on Twitter that lunch with Warren Buffett will be rescheduled because Justin Sun had come down with a case of kidney stone. Later on, 21st Century Business Herald published an article accusing Sun illegal fundraising using the Tron project. The article also claimed that the Tron network operated a Chinese gambling service. The article took a shot at Suns startup Peiwo (social app) accusing it of being involved with illegal pornography, the media outlet claimed that Justin Sun was inside China.

Sun responded shortly afterward using his Weibo account, he denied all allegations made against him by the media outlet.

Another story came out of China, this time claiming that Justin Sun was under Chinese government control and is not allowed to leave the country.

In order to put the matter to bed, Sun broadcasted a periscope video from San Francisco, he panned the camera around to as evidence of his location where he showed the Bay Bridge, not the Golden Gate Bridge.

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