Youtube Crypto Channels Restored After 8-Hour Block

Hey ninja’s, how’s the trading going? As the ban on crypto-related pages on popular video streaming site Youtube intensifies in recent weeks, two new crypto channels have been restored after being blocked by the platform.

Blockchain-based Youtube channel, BTC Sessions revealed on the 17th of April via Twitter that its Youtube channel had been blocked and they were notified by Youtube that BTC Sessions had committed several violations of the platform’s guidelines. 

The channel was unblocked after approximately 8 hours and was informed by the platform in a brief message that the BTC Sessions account did not violate any terms of service. 

After the channels restoration, BTC Sessions shared in a tweet that the channel is grateful to everyone involved in the online protest against the channels blocking on and to reduce risk BTC Sessions will be expanding its news-related content to include streaming on Youtube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Twitter via Periscope and DLIVE. 

Another crypto channel that was blocked on the 16th of April has also been restored after a day. The page announced that they are grateful to all followers of the channel that helped to restore it. 

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