Russia Leads In crypto trading Volume on LocalBitcoins for The Second Month

Hey ninja’s, how’s the trading going? At press time, the largest cryptocurrency bitcoin is reporting moderate daily losses of 1% and is trading at $9,517. The largest altcoin Ethereum is also reporting daily losses of 1.66% and is trading at $234 at press time. 

 Russia has reported the most trading volume on peer-to-peer crypto exchange LocalBitcoins for 2nd month in a row. Russia has traded the most Bitcoins on Local bitcoins in April and May 2020.

According to data posted on Twitter by crypto media startup, CryptoDiffer, 19% of Localbitcoins trading volume from May was traded in Russia leaving the United States and Venezuela behind. In the same month, 11% of LocalBitcoins trading volume originated from Venezuela, and the United States is responsible for 10%. The total Bitcoin trading volume on LocalBitcoins exchange amounted to 17,867. 

The data provided by CryptoDiffer via Twitter corresponds with the information released by the Major Bitcoin statistics website, Coin Dance. Coin Dance website shows that the total amount of Bitcoin traded in Russia on LocalBitcoin’s exchange was about 800 Bitcoins in May 2020, while the U.S and Venezuela traded around 400 Bitcoins per week in May.

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