Fear the Ninja: War Is Coming

Fear the Ninja: War Is Coming

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Do you have absolute faith in your current banking system? If the system crashes today, what will you do? What are your options? War is coming is a comprehensive book that inspires readers to become proactive with thinking outside the financial box and looking beyond the traditional system of banking. 


So what should we all consider? Cryptocurrencies! 


This book provides insight into the nature of cryptocurrencies (with a focus on Bitcoin) and how it can serve as a useful alternative to fiat. Think about the essential things you do with cash from buying a beautiful dress at the mall to paying for dinner at a restaurant. These basic things can be paid for using cryptocurrencies. 


First, you should know how to use the coins in a world that is gradually becoming more digital in every sense. War is coming is a definitive guide for anyone keen on getting one step ahead in the financial world with the future of financial and digital transactions.